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Kris McGaha

Nagging Questions for...
Kris McGaha
by Zank

PROFESSION: Actress and Comedian

WHERE YOU'VE SEEN HER: MTV's "Loveline," "The Tonight Show," HBO's "Curb Your Enthusiasm," Fox's "Invasion of the Hidden Cameras"

CHECK OUT: Kris will be on the new Penn & Teller series "BULLSHIT" for Showtime. She is soon to be starring in two hour-long specials for The Learning Channel called "Put to the Test: Monsters" and "Put to the Test: UFOs." Check out Kris in the iFilm short "The Strippers Pole." See her live stand-up act at Governor's Comedy Club in Levittown, Long Island, March 13 – 20.

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Editors note: Our man Zank has been MIA for the past two weeks, so I figured he forgot his latest assignment to interview Kris McGaha. Much to my amazement, young Zank pulled through. I received a package postmarked from Tijuana, Mexico this morning containing the following:

  1. A Polaroid of Zank wearing a sombrero while sitting on a donkey.
  2. A copy of a 1977 Tiger Beat magazine featuring an interview with the girl who replaced Eve Plumb on the "Brady Bunch Hour" variety show.
  3. A traffic ticket for eight hundred pesos with this Kris McGaha interview scrawled on the back.

Z: What is it like being the new Jan Brady?

KM: Is that what they are calling me now? It's better than what I used to get..."Yo tits!”

Z: Have you gotten any negative reactions for taking over?

KM: No... guys like me on top.

Z: Do you think you look like Eve Plumb?

KM: When I'm on acid.

Z: What sort of clothes do you like best?

KM: Anal beads.

Z: What's something you think boys need to know about girls?

KM: It's all about the man in the boat!

It was one wild night in Topeka with film composers John Barry and John Williams. And let me tell you... John Barry really does have Goldfingers.
Z: What is your biggest turn off?

KM: People who talk about sex all the time.

Z: Is it true that you have dated Barry Williams?

KM: No... no... no you have that totally confused. It was one wild night in Topeka with film composers John Barry and John Williams. And let me tell you... John Barry really does have Goldfingers.

Z: What are some of your favorite places to shop?

KM: Headshops.

Z: Who is the person you most recently had a crush on?

KM: My husband's brother.

Z: Who do you think is the best singer in the Brady Bunch is?

KM: Definitely Wayne Brady.

Z: What do you do for fun?

KM: Whip-it hits, shoot BB's at squirrels and beat up Girl scouts.

Z: Do you have any bad habits?

KM: No.

Z: What is one thing you know about the Brady Bunch that most people do not?

KM: Tiger was the first openly gay animal on television.

Z: What's the first thing that attracts you to a boy?

KM: His girlfriend.

Z: Can I borrow 10 bucks?

KM: Can I kick you in the head?

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